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New Construction

Forensic Building Consultant’s New Construction services offer expert consultation during the pre-construction design phase, ensuring that your structure is waterproof. In addition, we provide materials expertise and mock-ups to assure windows, doors, roofs, and transition points work together seamlessly. With detailed research and analysis, materials science knowledge, and hands-on building experience, Forensic provides the bridge between design and construction.

  • Pre-Design Consulting
  • Product and Materials Research and Specification
  • Building Envelope Document and Plan Review
  • 3D Supplemental Details and Drawings
  • Site Logistics and Environmental Factors
  • Best Practices in Building Science Components
  • On-Site Construction Quality Assurance and Inspections

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    Whatever the issue, Forensic evaluates the problem, conducts an investigation, and offers a trusted solution for rehabilitation. Forensic provides customized recommendations appropriate for the project scope and prioritized based on your budget. Expert consultation during the pre-construction design allows greater insight and confidence. During construction, Forensic is on site to provide supplemental quality assurance and assistance with managing unforeseen conditions. Post construction, Forensic offers detailed documentation on conformance with codes and manufacturers requirements.

  • Building Envelope Evaluation
  • Moisture Intrusion Analysis
  • Construction Defect Evaluation and Resolution
  • Invasive Investigations and Destructive Testing
  • Thermal Imaging and Damage Mapping
  • Scope of Repair Reporting
  • Remediation Plan Development and Construction Bid Review
  • 3D Supplemental Details and Drawings
  • Final Repair Evaluation Reports
  • On-Site Construction Quality Assurance and Inspections
  • Construction Consulting and Solutions for Unforeseen Field Conditions

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    Building Condition Assessments

    Collecting data and making observations is an important first step in identifying distress and other potential problem areas of building envelopes. However, in order to mitigate loss, an assessment must be performed in concert with an appropriate diagnosis and course of action, which can only be determined by building envelope consultants. Our skilled professionals utilize state-of-the-art technology to test and evaluate the intricate function and interaction of roofs and exterior wall systems through roof consulting, roof uplift resistant testing, construction QA/QC, water and air infiltration testing per ASTM E1105-00 and a number of qualitative evaluation services such as infrared thermography and moisture mapping.

  • Curtain Wall Testing
  • Roof Uplift Resistance Testing (ASTM E907-96)
  • Infared Thermal Imaging
  • Moisture Mapping
  • Visual Assessments
  • Mock-Up Testing
  • Water and Air Infiltration Testing
  • Component Isolation Testing
  • Design Defect/Omission Investigation

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    Expert Witness

    Forensic provides Expert Witness Services to assist a plaintiff or defendant, as well as their attorney, in resolving construction defect matters as they relate to Building Envelope assemblies. Through reliable analysis and trusted testimony, Forensic Expert Witness Services offer a powerful advantage during litigation.

  • Building Envelope Investigations
  • Photo/Video Documentation
  • Construction Defect and Damage Mapping
  • Interactive Digital Reports
  • Final Repair Evaluation Reports
  • Constructibility and Cost Analysis
  • Exhibit Preparation, i.e. visuals, construction mock-ups, and presentations

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    Construction Administration

    Construction administration and quality assurance is an integral part of any rehabilitation project. Site visits allow Forensic to observe the construction conditions at intervals, and determine quality and progress.

  • Final Evaluation Reports
  • Moisture Intrusion Analysis
  • New Construction Plan Review
  • On-Site Construction Quality Assurance and Inspection

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    Buildings in alpine environments require a unique approach. Inclement weather and freezing conditions present new challenges to any building envelope system. Forensic is highly trained and experienced in ice dams, winter climate roofing systems, exposed timber care, erosion control, and thermal bridging and condensation.

  • Thermal Imaging
  • Site Logistics and Environmental Factors
  • Remediation Plan Development
  • Product and Materials Research and Specification

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    Capital Planning

    Ensure your reserve is adequately funded and avoid large special assessments with assistance in Capital Planning from Forensic. Necessary inventory, maintenance, replacement, and renewal of common elements will save your Association money over time. Trusted economic modeling provides a component inventory and service life expectations for common building elements throughout your property.

  • Year 1, 2, and 3 Reserve Studies
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Plans
  • Capital Needs Assessment

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